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You Can Reach New Level Results

Coaching and the number of people going freelance are on both the rise in the UK. The impact of the pandemic and the way some employees feel they have been treated by their employers has also played its part. Read more about “The Great Resignation” here. Many people are leaving their workplaces and careers to explore the range of opportunities open to them in self employment, the world of B2B or even living off-grid in the woods!

They are taking steps to improve their lives and their lifestyles.

Senior leaders and executives who once enjoyed high flying careers making their way up the corporate ladder are leaving the rat race. They’re taking their expertise with them, re-training as life, business or executive coaches. They’re supporting other leaders to overcome the people management and business challenges they too faced while working in those environments.

And whether they exit a small to medium-sized business or a large, multi-national, arguably, the people they leave behind are in greater need of support as they continue working their busier-than-ever roles, now without their trusted leader, caring colleague or the person who simply kept them accountable, alongside.

A Wellbeing Mindset

On top of that, our health and wellbeing – particularly how we take care of each other and our mental health – was thrust further into the spotlight during the onset of the pandemic and continues to take centre stage as we emerge. Business owners, leaders, employees – all of us – needed to adapt rapidly to changes imposed upon us; to new ways of working, home working or for some, no work at all.

More than ever, business owners, leaders and employees are openly acknowledging the impact this has had – and continues to have – on them personally and professionally. Never before has the old BT strapline (for those who remember it!) “It’s good to talk” been so true.

People are starting to see value in getting professional help for themselves, their business or their burn-out. And they are investing in wellbeing support for their employees and teams too.

For small businesses, this investment and change is making a difference to their bottom line.

Business Leader reported that “in a study by Xero, the global small business platform, those [small businesses] investing more in wellbeing initiatives enjoyed better economic outcomes. More than half (53%) saw increased productivity following the introduction of mental health support.”

People are Taking Control of Their Lives

For some, this time of perceived crisis has not been a crisis at all. It has been an opportunity to seek change. For a few, it’s been that huge, once-in-a-lifetime wake-up call which has propelled them towards living more authentically; enjoying life on their terms and in ways that better suit their values, nature and needs.

It has been the time for making significant, positive changes for themselves and their families before it feels too late.

Global, systemic change often kick-starts a time of mass-rejuvenation, forcing us all to re-evaluate everything; how we spend our time and money, where we live and whom and what we value most. People start to engage – perhaps for the very first time – with how they feel, what they want and how they want to make a difference in the world with the skills, knowledge and experience they’ve gained to date.

They start looking at what they’re doing every day and scream, “I didn’t choose this!”

So, if life for you seems like it should be pretty good yet you’re flatlining, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired or you’re still stuck at that critical crossroads in life, read on.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

Lewis Carroll

Some people don’t know what they want. They just know it’s not what’s in front of them; the stuff they do every day. It’s job that bores them, but pays the bills. The uninspiring location they live in but are too afraid to explore a move to somewhere better. Or the below par mental health still affecting their business, their marriage and their health, but they don’t know how – or even believe – things can get better.

Yet, think about it, personal growth is a natural, organic direction we all move towards every day of our lives.

Everyone desires improvement, whether they are conscious of it or not. Accidentally discovering tiny changes to daily routines that leave us feeling happier can be as powerful as a carefully planned leap in a new direction of our choosing. We all experience dissatisfaction and either openly seek (or secretly wish) things would improve; in at least one area of our lives.

Some decide to take action, learning from others who’ve overcome similar challenges to get better results from life with the resources they have.

I believe life is all about understanding ourselves better so that we can make those changes and improvements if we want to. This awareness and the act of choosing means that it is possible to become happier people; more fulfilled and in greater alignment with our truth.

Fear though, is also a natural feeling that can appear (or be present our whole lives) when it comes to thinking about change. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of messing up; of getting it ‘wrong’ or fearing fear itself, all of which can prevent us from changing anything at all.

We all feel it. I don’t know anyone who has lived a fear-free life. It’s how we handle it that counts.

So, What Does it Mean to Work with a Coach?

Working with a coach means you can start mapping out what you really want and begin taking steps towards that future, whether that’s health and wellbeing goals, business growth goals or something else completely personal and unique to you.

You can talk confidentially about those fears. You can face them with the right support. You can overcome doubts. Understand your past and more about that invaluable journey you’ve taken to date.

As you start engaging with your vision of the future, you’ll answer some of the most important questions that matter to you; questions that get you to look inside yourself to retrieve your truth.

Nobody else knows what’s best for you except you.

Working with a coach means you’ll grow personally. Your coach will keep you focused on the future you’re working towards – the one you gained clarity on in the first few hours of your work together – and continue to work towards throughout the coaching process.

You’ll be inspired and motivated to keep going when the inner-critic, the self-doubt and the fear comes a-knocking, as all of them inevitably do.

You will make progress and see the results you want to see.

If you’ve never talked to a coach before, their free and confidential initial consultation is a good place to start. Most coaches offer anything from 15 minutes up to an hour so that you can find out more about how they work and whether they can help you.

Good Coaching; it’s all in the Results

Aside from the whole raft of softer skills coaches posses or the models and theories they’ve learnt, a structured coaching methodology which helps you get the right results for you will always stand out.

Coaching is much more than a friendly, supportive chat. After all, that’s what our friends and family are for!

Yes, your transformation will be hard. Yes, you will feel frightened, messed up and knocked down. Yes, you’ll want to stop. Yes, it’s the best work you’ll ever do.”

Robin Sharma

As most of us also know, overnight change and instant results are rare.

Identifying what we want, grappling with our ‘shoulds, oughts and musts’, with other people’s anxieties, fears, needs and (sometimes hidden) agendas can all work to knock us off balance, tempting us to go back to our old reality.

Yet, when we map out our vision, make a plan with a coach and make a decision to choose regular, ongoing support to keep us on track, we are encouraged, inspired and motivated to keep going.

And this is better than gold!

I am excited to be using the New Level Results™ coaching methodology in my practice, which is a cleverly designed coaching methodology and online platform which facilitates all of this with ease. Both the methodology and the platform enables clients to monitor their mindset, record their own progress and measure the effectiveness of their coach, as well as automatically demonstrating a return on investment!

Who wouldn’t want that?

Seeing Really is Believing

Using a simple, online mapping and tracking process alongside the coaching relationship is inspirational for the world of coaching. We live in a world where almost everything is now monitored or measured, so seeing your results and and ROI from any coaching relationship is a huge leap forward in the delivery of excellence for clients, coaches and for the coaching industry overall.

Its development was also aspirational for Andrew Duncan and Simon Teague, who realised their combined dream to bring a ’tangibility’ to the world of coaching.

Can you imagine spending quality time with someone who listens to you, helps you make sense of the things you’re grappling with (which you may have grappled with alone, for weeks, months, years or a lifetime) who then coaches you to find a new way forwards, while staying alongside you, encouraging you and celebrating with you with every step of the way until you reach that place you’ve dreamed of?

Of course you can.

Now, can you also imagine seeing the entire journey mapped out in in front of you, with milestones, the ability to simply measure your progress and have a historical record of the journey you’ve taken to get there, all in one place?

This is coaching with bells on.

Remember, we are all getting results from our daily actions. Are you seeing the results you want to see? If not, why not?

You really can change your life.

Remember, as Mark Twain said, “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.

And the great Nelson Mandella reminds us that it always seems impossible until it is done.”

If you’re inspired to get started on the business of growing yourself and making changes in your life, get in touch for a New Level Results™ conversation and demonstration today.

Image: thanks to Saydung89

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