Shining a New Light

Remembering all those struggling with thoughts of ending their lives today.

World Suicide Prevention Day, 2020 10 September 2020

When giving up feels like the only thing left

Like there’s no one who sees why you’re always bereft

When nothing in life brings you joy or contentment

Life’s full of despair, apathy or resentment


When the silence is dark and the pain is too great

Going over and over those tiny mistakes

But what if you knew that the world needs us all

Those that hold the despair, the meek and those who stand tall?


There is always a way out; up, round and then through

We know that sure doesn’t feel easy to do

There really are people who’ll understand you; and care

They know what it feels like cause many’ve been there


If you could just reach out, dare trust those that know

Even though it sure feels like a long road to go

You may start to see a small glimmer, a spark

Of love and relationship out of the dark


We get it. So many are scared of your pain

We know what it feels like; you can’t go there again

Don’t blame yourself, no. There are more routes to take

You deserve to get help. Heal. Yourself, don’t forsake


The harm you keep thinking of doing to you

Is the suffering and hurt which all needs working-through

When we heal from the past and dare trust someone real

That’s when inner trauma can then start to heal


So, know as you read this, there are people who care

This day and all days; thoughts, hope and a prayer

Go out to those thinking of ending their life

Those thoughts can be processed. You deserve a new light

Further information

Reach out to The Samaritans if you need immediate support

Other support

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