Coronavirus; When Pain Is Our Teacher

When we are ill, we often seek
A potion, a pill to keep us asleep.
Something to send all that pain away,
While we can stay busy – get on with our day


But illness can often be a great sign,
A guiding light for us all to re-align,
To get back in tune with our hearts, bodies, souls,
So that one day we can again, play just like foals.


For those who’ve worked with their pain for years,
This collective transforming is music to ears.
Not the virus itself or the death it will cause
But knowing that those still racing, must pause.


‘Cause when we all breathe and feel this great pain,
It brings us together; to see striving in vain.
To grab or achieve, or just to get more and more,
When really, we need to lie down on the floor.


To lie down and relax, be with ourselves and each other.
Remember the earth, our provider, great Mother.
For she is the one who feeds and restores us,
Not the dollar, the pound of the euro before us.


So, come and enjoy the peace we have now,
Invite your heart open, what will you allow?
The waves of despair, the frantic, deep fears?
Allow it all in and shed all those tears.


For when we all grieve for what we have done,
We’re joining together, we’ve stopped ‘Run, Run, Run!’
And when that can happen, new ways will emerge.
New ideas, new love and joy will converge.

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