Why September is the Perfect Time to Make Time for You

This September, many parents are sharing a different set of feelings that are accompanying the September return to school. Inevitably, of course.

The world has changed a lot since the Spring of 2020.

Often, we hear murmurs from mums, dads and carers making light-hearted comments about not being able to wait until ‘the kids are back at school’ so they have time to themselves. This year, I’m hearing (and reading on social media) a whole range of different comments and feelings, though.  

There’s guilt about looking forward to children going back to school. Anxiety for themselves. And worry, fears and anxieties about how the children and young people will cope with all the change and adaptations being imposed on their social and emotional connections, friendships and learning experiences.

Some parents and carers are also wondering how they will be without their children around, too. Many say they have really valued this time as they’ve realised what really matters most in life. Yes, they have had to endure rapid and abrupt change, which may have caused turmoil, yet they have adapted and appreciated more time to play, to listen to and just see and be with their children during this unique period of restriction, named lock down.

The caveat here, of course, is that we all know that not every hour of every day has been joyful (for anyone) as this world-change and loss of freedom endures, with fears about our future is ever-present. Yet, as everyone adjusts and re-adjusts again and again to a whole, new routine – navigating yet another ending and new beginnings – we all have opportunities to dig deep inside ourselves.

If we choose to, we can feel and release more of our feelings and emotions and practice being genuinely present for ourselves and each other.

So, What Will You Do for You?

Now that September has come, many people have more space and time for themselves. Time to reflect. Time to ‘get stuff done’. New time to give to themselves or create a different routine.

September has always felt like New Year to me. Sometimes more than the actual new year. Unlike the mad-rush of January and New Year resolutions, September has a different feel and energy to it. Traditionally, it’s a time to begin a new hobby, join an evening class at a local college or learn something new.

You Matter

It’s a quieter time to pause, take a fresh look our lives; at the new beginnings we’d like to see ahead, the things we want to release and those inner transformations we don’t yet know what to do with! It’s a good time to map out a new road; see emerging potential for that brand new year in the distance, way beyond our looming winter.

Autumn feels like a time of transtion; the time to say farewell to the warmth of summer as we slowly begin our preparations to go inside for winter – both physically and metaphorically.

When we mirror nature’s path in our own lives, we give permission and space for our innate sense of knowing to emerge, which naturally supports us to live more authentically.

Conversely, if we choose to keep running the manmade treadmill that we beleive is real life, ignoring nature’s rhythm and flow, we can so easily stay ‘asleep’ to our our true selves; that part of us that is always waiting in the wings for us to embrace it.

Notice what you notice as you read this today. What, if anything resonates?

What rhythms do you see, hear, feel – inside yourself – around your thinking, your pace and where you’d like to be heading as we move into a new phase of these changing times?

Not all ‘dreams and goals are clear-cut. Sometimes we sense or feel a flicker. An emerging energy or change that we can’t quite name yet. Notice it. Sit with it. Paint it, even! Or sing and dance it out. Let yourself be moved by the changing seasons.

Your changing seasons.

And if you’ve had to hold onto a lot of ‘stuff’ over summer, as you’ve coped with a busy (or too quiet) home-life, frantic, family fun or the frenetic energy brought about by Covid-19, what will you do for yourself during this transitional period of Autumn?

Can yu see the leaves falling? Blowing in the wind?!

September is the perfect time to make time for you.

Remember, Your Authentic Life Matters

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