Start Telling Tales!

Do you have a tale of transformation you’d like to tell?

Slow coach Sarah is curating a collection transformative tales, which have occurred throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.

What happened to you – or for you during this time?

Feel free to reach out and share your stories of new insights, awareness, radical shifts or a letting-go of something painful you’ve never been able to release, perhaps – until now – during the time we had in lockdown.
Perhaps it’s been a major life-change that has rocked your world?

Or devasting news which changed you for the better?

Maybe you have welcomed unfamiliar feelings during this lockdown period, which have unexpectedly improved your life?

Or you’ve woken up in painful, but enlightening ways?
Perhaps it’s something you can’t quite name yet? A ‘particular something’ which is still emerging from a dark and lonely place – altered – but no longer distorted or afraid to be seen and heard?

It could be nothing like anything above 

Or everything I’ve said, yet something completely dissimilar!

Why does this even matter?

I genuinely believe that as someone’s transformational truth is told, it resonates somewhere in our own hearts, connecting us positively to our own truths too, before it reconnects us back to each other. When we tell our tales, we are spreading love, inspiration and transformative energy across the world.
I’ve chosen personal transformation as the theme. It’s deliberately broad since all of us have our own definitions of what this means and each of our transformative stories is unique to the lives we’ve lived so far.
And every single one of them will represent truth. Our own, personal and individual truth about inner-change.

So, there you have it. This is your invitation. To start telling tales.

I’ve yet to decide a format or the best way to curate and share these stories, as it also depends on how many people want to contribute!

It could be a book, a website or platform, an e-book; or something else entirely! Do feel free to share any ideas you have for the format, too and I’ll add them to the cooking pot as this evolves.
And please know that your story can be anonymised to maintain confidentiality with names, identifying information such as gender or exact personal circumstances being adapted, if it feels safer to get the tale told.

Permission granted

So, if something has stirred or resonates inside you as you read this today and you’d like to tell your tale, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at and I’ll share the framework for getting started.
And if you feel inspired to join in, but you have an inner-critic who is giving you hell about your transformative story, or you’re in need of permission to tell tales right now, then definitely get in touch!
I’ll be delighted to talk anything through and help you get started so that you can start telling tales out of school for the good of us all.
I have also come to believe that the things we need to heal, always arrive right on time.
So, could this be your time?

#tellingtales #transformation #slowcoach

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