Dear George

Staying quiet is a challenge, we’re clear about that

But speaking up feels uneasy, cause I’m white and not black

Guilt. Shame. How can we whites understand this, you know?

When we have the privilege of being able to go


Wherever we want without that latent fear

Of judgement, harassment, others making it clear

That they obviously regard you as some kind of threat

When no crime’s been committed, when you’re not being met


With that genuine, positive regard for your being?

Instead, what just happens is those blindly are seeing

That folk not like them, in dress, culture or skin

Must somehow be bad or be full of great sin


With this openly dim, desperate, evil division

Finally, we’re seeing injustice with rage and derision

Dear George and all other names not listed here

None deserved murder; those left should not live in fear  


Surely, it’s time for us all to wake up?

To realise when love and real kindness we sup

Can be shared whether difference or sameness run free?

Even those times when we will disagree


Alternative views or a difference in living

We could just but listen, learn; when we are giving

Our attention to others who seem not the same

Their only real difference, perhaps is a name


Because on the inside, we all have a heart

All joined in this whole where we each play a part

EVERYONE matters, whether black or we’re white

And what about those, who have not their sight?


As humans we live in the great, sloppy soup

Of muddle and pain, some joy; perhaps we will loop

Right back sometime soon; reincarnation? Who knows?

Did that mention of return, start curling your toes?


See, we all have uniqueness; different lives and perspective  

But this does not mean that some can’t be respected

If you want to kill me because I am me

What’s on your inside? What is it you see


About killing me, but it’s fair for you to live?

Perhaps it’s the hurt inside yourself you can’t yet forgive?

Cause when we harm others, it’s all about us

Our abused parts; our sorrow hurts. Yes, we should make a fuss


By taking our traumas to talk – not kill

To someone who’ll listen, understand, help you fill

Your own heart with honest compassion and healing

Not murdering others or yourself. Keep on healing


Life can be tough, yes. We all have a story

Some harsher than others, some raised up in glory

Yet if we take time, go inside to our souls

We’ll begin to start seeing we’re all like new foals


So, take this rhyme with you and share if you like

Or connect with your own voice, whatever feels right

Perhaps you’re not ready yet, to say what’s in your heart

But know you’re important, you’re still here, not apart


Written by Sarah Thayer,

#blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd

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