Written by Slow Coach Sarah for Mental Health Awareness Week, 18-24 May 2020

For the rest of this week, now here’s the deal
Check-in every morning to ask how you feel
Then note it and write it with just one of your words
Is it happy or sad (or does this seem absurd?)

But as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, what can I say?
With feelings, it’s always worth having a play
Cause even the times when you’re feeling quite rough
Always remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH

Reach out and talk, make a call to a friend
If you can, that will help; it will not offend
See, everyone feels like this, deep pain and sorrow
Sometimes upset, angry, afraid of tomorrow

You are not alone, there are people right here
Who understand, care and can help with your fear
Being human, at times we get stuck in our blindness
So that’s why we need someone else’s dear kindness

So, don’t stay in pain any more than you must
If anxiousness, grief, shame or sad arrives, just trust
You can dance if you can or sing songs very loud
Or look out of your window and see love in a cloud

Whatever you feel is alright, it will pass
Just like water evaporates, when left in a glass
It might take some time, but be patient with you
And in the meantime, rest, reach-out or perhaps just say BOO!

I really appreciate the values of FUN, INTEGRITY, RELATIONSHIP & GROWTH when working with clients. Facing new challenges or change doesn’t always have to be painful.

Reflect on all the feelings you felt, just reading this short poem. This is how we are as humans. It’s when we get stuck for too long that things can sometimes feel tricky. But there’s always a new way of seeing something or a new way of thinking or feeling. We just need to stay open to those new ways, notice positive and helpful signs in our everyday lives and follow the path that feels good.

If you’d like to find out more about how the snail and butterfly can help you, download a free copy of The Snail & The Butterfly Manifesto here…/snailandbutterflymanifestodownloadplus…

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