Sharing The Tree That Loved Me

Earlier this week, I was drawn to take my daily walk down a route I’d never taken before, even though it’s only minutes from my door.

And what happened that day blew my mind.

Across the back of the school field, I sauntered, casually towards a beautiful, flowering Hawthorn Tree.

And promptly burst into tears.

Yes. It was love at first sight.

I was instantly and completely overwhelmed. My body was flooded with pure, uncontrollable joy. I genuinely felt in communion with the tree and could receive its gift of love to me. Standing there for at least half an hour, deeply moved by the connection and the healing, I knew the tree must have known I needed this. 

I Realise That Some of You May Wonder If I’ve Gone Mad

But, no. I can honestly tell you, it was real. So very real.

What was happening? I cannot explain it with logic. The emotion was pure and was very, very tangible. Only once before have I experienced something similar and so beautiful in my life. 

As I stood there, I spontaneously announced to the tree over and over that I loved it, tears streaming down my face, before sitting on the ground beneath to just be there. My mind had been bypassed and my heart was completely open!

It definitely felt like love. I have no other words to describe it.

The aches and pains that were in my back began tingling before dissolving into a wave of letting go. I was experiencing so much gratitude just for being alive and my heart was literally swelling with joy. I admired the millions of perfect, tiny, vibrating flowers that were bursting alive in front of me.

So, I wanted to share this with you today. The photograph below is of the flowers from that very tree, so the loving energy it brought me, I now forward onto you. 

This great healing we are receiving from the beautiful Hawthorn, I discovered only when arriving home to do an online search, is the tree renowned for centuries for its wisdom to heal hearts. 


Thank you to Laural and for such a beautiful website.

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