At The End Of The Year, What Would You Like To Clear?

OK, so we’re nearing the end of the year. What would you like to clear? Be free from? Let go of?

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be ‘into’ any kind of personal development or self-awareness, it’s a great time to be letting go of everything you no longer love, need or feel warmly connected to. Here are a few amazingly simple things you can do in the next couple of days, to let go of unwanted baggage in your life, which symbolically creates space for new things to enter as we welcome in another new year.

Even if you don’t yet realise it, the attachments and feelings we have about our ‘stuff’ literally connects with our emotional ‘stuff’ too. That’s why something like Feng Shui is so powerful. It’s not woo-woo. It’s common sense.

Have a think about why you love that old jumper so much, which is falling apart (and has been for years now). It brings you warm and fuzzy feelings, right? You remember how you felt when you bought it or the love you felt for the person who gave it to you. You love the colour, the style, how it makes you look. It’s all about our associations.

And the not-so-nice-stuff we hold onto (but don’t always know why we can’t ditch it) often stores the cold or darker feelings we may not want to look at. So, what do we do? We literally store it. We tuck that stuff away (In the loft? In the garage? Under the bed? Under the stairs?) where we cannot see it. BUT, it’s still there….and every now and then, it reminds us that it’s taking up space in our lives – energetic space – as a part of our being focuses on it, however small or subtle it might seem.

Worse still, we can sometimes hold onto other people’s stuff! Are you storing something for someone else? I know I have a little storage tied up somewhere and it’s a little part of me that isn’t yet ready to let it go. It’s not always the stuff itself that matters, but the meaning we attach to it. What it represents to us, what it meant when we bought it. Who gave it to us. Our relationships. The feelings it evokes.

So, if not your own stuff, whose ‘stuff’ are you carrying? And for what purpose? Are you happy to continue doing so as we move into another new year?

What might this symbolise about you or your relationship with that person, the stuff or yourself? Is this a recurring pattern for you? Do you make do? Fear the future? Are you afraid of not having enough?

When we hold onto things that no longer serve us or we no longer love, need or want, we are mini-hoarders. And hoarding represents our inability to move on, often highlighting some pain or grief we may not yet be willing – or able – to feel.

Be gentle with yourself though. Talk kindly to yourself as you embark on the possibility of letting some of your ‘stuff’ go. And don’t do too much in one go! I have done this previously and it’s exhausting!

Notice what it’s like and what you feel as you read this post and start to THINK about doing some of these things.

Where do you notice the resistance?

What areas sound/feel like they might be easy (but you’d never thought of doing?) What feelings come up as you imagine someone else having or benefiting from your ‘stuff’?

Clear Unwanted Clothes & household items

Donate all items which you no longer wear, love or need but still have life, to your favourite charity. If you don’t have a favourite charity, find one. What causes are you passionate about? Who would you like to help if you could? Donating is a good place to start.

Delete Old Telephone Numbers & Contacts

Remove ‘old’ contacts you are no longer in contact with, especially if, when you think about that person, your energy sinks. People are either Energy Gains or Energy Drains in our lives! Even holding that person on your phone or email account and seeing their name when you scroll can impact negatively, however subtle if you don’t want them to be there.

Repair or Recycle Anything That’s Broken

Include relationships here, if that’s possible and you want to. If something you love is broken, repair it if you want to keep it, to prevent your energy being depleted each time you engage with it. If it’s too broken and you don’t want to keep it, let it go. If you’re not sure yet or perhaps it just needs a makeover, place it somewhere else in your home – in a visible ‘holding bay’ – until you are sure what you want to do with it. When we wait, sometimes an idea, solution or next step appears.

Books, Photographs, Jewellery, Cosmetics

We often hold onto these personal items as they evoke so much emotion. But if that emotion is negative or involves really old energy from past experiences, is it time to let that go? What exactly are you holding on to? Sort through the best pieces or photos that make you feel good and those which you want to keep and place them in the area of your home which symbolises the past. (The East). Or, better-still, display those which you really love, so you can see them every day. This will raise your energy and let you re-connect with the good memories and decide whether you really want to keep these things.

Share the Love!

Share books that you’ve loved with other people or book groups. You’ll invite new books – and new learning – into your life when you let the old go. And there are loads of places online that will point you to recycling unused or unwanted cosmetics.

I’m sure there are loads of other areas you can think of (not least of all, the unwanted Christmas presents everyone receives at this time of year!) but these categories are just a few I have been focusing on in the last couple of days.

And I’m already starting to feel lighter. And you will too. Without any woo-woo. Pick one category and see what letting go can do for you.

There are many, many books out there to help with this subject (the amazing work of Kon Mari) but you can always start with something simple which resonates with you. I found this lovely little book many years ago, which started me out on my journey of discovering how our stuff impacts our lives. You can pick a copy up for just a couple of pounds (if it’s not adding to your stuff!) or check out resources at your local library. Clearing the Clutter, 100 Ways to Energize Your Life, by Mary Lambert.

Sarah is a Transformational Coach and developing Writer who helps individuals and organisations to slow down, transform past patterns and to live more authentically in life, in business, and in all their relationships. 

After an early career in Human Resources and prior to establishing Slow Coach Sarah, Sarah was inspired to train as a counsellor; working with both adults and young people in a range of settings while continuing her personal and professional development in other areas such as NLP, TimeLine Therapy™ Hypnosis, her own personal therapy journey, Reiki and Coaching.

If you’re considering making changes in your life this 2020, you can contact Sarah for a free, initial coaching conversation at

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