The best kind of stress is to make it less

Meeting Jane, the bubbly, pragmatic PA who’s a proactive problem-solver with a heart.

OK, so it’s National Stress Awareness Day today (the first Wednesday in November every year) and now I’m getting stressed because I didn’t even know.

And this is where I do genuinely believe that the world has gone mad. Well, not the world as such, but people. Us. We create awareness days for everything. And don’t get me wrong, I get it. I see what these days are intended to do, but I think sometimes we’re in danger of over-egging the flan.

I vote we have a National Awareness Day. For those who want to become aware?  Wait. There already is one? OK, rant over.

Back to feeling stressed. And a plan to make it less.

Can you relate? Feeling stressed every day? Running from one thing to another, racing against the clock, doing too much, taking on everything for everyone? Never enough time? Frequently feel like you’re failing?

Tired of feeling guilty because you let that person down (again) said no to another? Then feeling resentful because you said yes when you actually wanted to say no to something you always say yes to, when you always mean no. Huh! More hurting yourself instead of offending someone else who doesn’t really matter to you?

Sound familiar? Well you’re not alone.  And this is how the cycle of stress goes round and round.

We all go too fast. And we all know it. Some of you will be wondering how long this article is, because you haven’t got time to read it. Or you feel you shouldn’t be reading it. You should be doing something else much more important.

Shoulds. Oughts. Musts. We torture ourselves in our minds every day.

I think we all know this. But the challenge is always the same. How do we stop doing the same (harmful) things over and over? Repeating the same old, dramas in our lives which keep us in the fast lane?

There’s so much to do and so little time to fit it all in with no time to just be!

Unless we’re going to a spa for relaxation or a mindfulness session or retreat of course. But even that has to be another ‘thing’ to ‘do’. It’s on the list. In must be in the plan, or something else will take over. Some other emergency where we’re needed for something much more important than ourselves!

OK, you all know what I’m talking about.

But wait, there are solutions!

Yesterday, I met this amazing super-woman who runs a brilliant business called Girl Monday  Jane Gibbs has turned her kindness and passion for helping others – and her (potentially harmful habit!) of ‘never being able to say no’ to helping others, into her whole business.

Girl Monday is a lot like having a Girl Friday but you can have her all week if you need her!

I genuinely knew Jane was truly passionate about what she does when she told me that knows exactly what it’s like being a single mum, working full time and having a million and one things racing around in your head, but never quite knowing how – or if – you’re going to be able to do them.

“It’s the silly little things like, knowing you have to pick up a dress from the dry cleaners for a dinner that evening, but not stressing about whether you’ll get there before it closes. I can do that for you. It can be at home, hanging it up ready for you or I can drop it off for you at work.”

Jane went on to correct herself by saying that these things aren’t silly. They are the things that really make a difference – not just practically – but to how people feel. And that’s when I knew from Jane that Girl Monday was really purposeful. Jane knows what it’s like to have too much to do and too little time to do it. And how stressful that can be. So not only will she do a good job for you, she does it with a heart.

And her strapline?

‘One call calms all’. Brilliant.

Prior to setting up Girl Monday, Jane managed property portfolios, worked for years as a PA in corporate and family law firms and has also been that single mum running a family and a household.

So, she knows about this stuff. She knows it well. About being organised, juggling a million-and-one things, multi-tasking and all the while, persistently prioritising.

She definitely knows first-hand what stress can feel like.

But now she also knows and sees the positive impact allowing someone else to take care of some of it every day can have on how you feel, your stress levels on your relationships and even your physical health and wellbeing.

She knows how you feel and she can help you feel better, cope better and manage your life better.

So, what are you waiting for?

How about letting Jane take one or two things off your hands today, so you can relax a little more? Maybe enjoy some time with a friend, read a book, walk the dog in peace or just sit down and stare out of the window with a cup of your favourite tea?

Sound good to you?

Starting to feel the self-critical thoughts? The ‘I couldn’t possibly justify that’ or ‘you’re so selfish?’ ‘I should do it all myself.’ 

Well, then it might be time to give Sarah a call too!

Learning to slow down, allowing people to support us and working on our self-awareness by clearing those old, unhelpful thinking patterns can be invaluable as we’re all seeing happier ways to live, love and care for each other in this mad, mad world, where we all just want to feel better.

And yes, you do have 3 minutes 20 seconds to listen to that song.

Notice what thoughts come up for you as you do…. Stress less. Live more.

Contact Jane for a free, no obligation conversation about stressing less and living more

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