How will you honour your dead this halloween?

While out walking yesterday morning, I caught sight of one solitary curled up leaf, just sitting on the wall. My first thought was how dead it looked. But slowly my attention turned to its beauty just as it is and how its’ life as a dead leaf hasn’t always been this way. Once upon a time, it was green, alive and vibrant before making many transitions toward its current state of being.

Halloween is traditionally a time to honour our dead.

Although we don’t much like talking about death, we are all dying each and every day. We’re always dying to our old ways of living, being, thinking or behaving. Sometimes in subtle ways, other times boldly, especially when a sudden, external change is thrust upon us.
Looking back along my own life, the times I found most troublesome are the times I’ve resisted letting go; letting go of ideas, of people, of places or of things which no longer serve me.

Google told me that words associated with ‘honour’ are respect, esteem, honesty, integrity.

So, honouring what’s dying – and ‘the dead’ both inside and what lies outside of ourselves gives the dead its place. I see honouring as a deliberate and respectful ‘attending to’ something. That dead ‘thing’ – whatever it might be – can be noticed, respected and valued honestly for what it is, for what it was and what it gave us. Then we can take steps into whatever comes next much more easily.
For me, Happy Halloween isn’t quite the right energy for today, but a Hallowed Halloween? That sounds just about right.

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